What is it?

Instaschool is the first international online Instagram-school in Ukraine, organized by DMA «Citrine» team.

If you still do not know how to increase Internet sales or look for inspiration to develop your business - Instagram - is exactly what you need.

The most dynamic social network presents incredible opportunities for taking your business to the next level. How? Become our Instaschool student – and you will get the answer.

Why should you pay someone for a temporary promotion, if it’s possible to develop your business in Instagram independently? We will teach you how to build a strategy from scratch and achieve real results without involvement of service that gives you a one-time effect.

Instaschool Speakers – is a team with international experience in business projects promotion at different levels and in various industries. We are ready to share our experience and educate a new generation of Ukrainian professional instagrammers.

Join us and become Insta-leaders to conquer the top of the global Internet space!

Why Should You Choose Us?

Team of experts

Each Instaschool speaker is a practitioner who has developed and implemented his own business strategy. And now they are ready to share with you their professional secrets.

International experience

These are not empty words - our services successfully used by European and Silicon Valley companies and startups.

Smart study (only essentials!)

The main value of our webinars is that we don’t provide theory and waffles. All lessons are based on real-life examples and case studies that were implemented by our team.

Practical recommendations

Our teachers will help you to develop your own strategy, increase sales and you will have a chance nosing ahead in the endless race with their competitors. We are not bragging, we guarantee that after Instaschool graduation you will gain a "second wind" and find your way to business development.






(1 lesson)

  • access to one lesson on a particular topic
  • speaker presentation to the chosen lesson
  • speaker consultation




(16 lessons)

  • access to the full course of lessons
  • speakers’ presentations
  • consulting support: help and advices from professional speakers of Instaschool




(16 lessons)

  • access to the full course of lessons
  • speakers’ presentations
  • consulting support
  • development of business promotional strategy in Instagram with speaker`s help




(2 lessons)

  • access to the full course of lessons on setting up an Ads campaign on Instagram
  • speakers’ presentations (only in the direction of «Advertising on Instagram»)
  • consultations after lessons: help and advices on how to set up the Ads campaign on Instagram step by step

Our Speakers


Elena Tkachuk

- Founder of Citrine DMA (Ukraine), CMO at Strartups Ocean (USA)

She has 13 years of experience in Marketing, 5 years - in Startups Marketing. Elena is acknowledged as an Instagram expert in Ukraine. She is a regular speaker at conferences, presentations, masterclasses in such areas as SMM, PR, Internet Marketing, Startup Marketing.


Alexandra Polischuk

- Head of marketing at Citrine DMA (Ukraine)

Alexandra graduated from Philip Morris Business Academy and Growth in PR. She is laureate of the competition "Youth masters marketing". Alexandra gained her first experience as an analyst at the marketing research agency «Next Vision». Her realized projects are as follows: Meest Express, ATB, Vse.Svoi, InfoShare, Global Logistic Control, Startups Ocean.

speaker #2

Kseniia Shatokhina

- SMM manager at Citrine DMA (Ukraine)

Kseniia has been working in copywriting for more than 4 years. She wrote 2000+ articles on pharmaceutical industry as well as metalworking. And now she is ready to share her professional secrets on writing blog posts, texts and headlines that attract customers attention.

speaker #2

Daria Kulaga

- Project manager at Citrine DMA (Ukraine)

Daria is a specialist in Internet marketing, SMM and advertising. She has 10 years of experience in Internet communications. She is an expert in promotion goods and services in fashion and beauty industries.

speaker #2

Yuliia Poznyakova

Marketing Analyst at Citrine DMA (Ukraine)

She possesses more than 8 years of experience working as an analyst. Yuliia is a professional master in 18-analytical programs, 9 of which are in social networks. She practices Instagram analytics for more than 2 years, using the most innovative services trends


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